Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tron Sequel Proof-Of-Concept footage leaked from San Diego Comic-Con! (aka TR2N)

Although its a poor cam bootleg, you can clearly make out the amount of detail and the new life-like motion of the light-cycles. The picture does get batter near the middle, so stick it out. It's also fantastic to see that Jeff Bridges is back for part two! I don't know about you but I grew up watching Tron over and over again until I wore the VHS tape out. Can't wait to see an official high quality trailer, but this will get you salivating for more! I know I am.
...End of line.

UPDATE: The footage seen at Comic-Con was actually a proof of concept, not an actual trailer of the movie. The movie has not been officially green-lit yet, but sources say it's just a matter of time (check out the many updates to this story at tronfaq). Disney seems to be hunting down the bootleg video across the net and requesting it be taken down. Hopefully this version I embedded from a Russian YouTube knockoff will stick around.

Credit where credit is due: picked up this story through Gizmodo and the video from RuTube

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