Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Read full magzines online for free. Mygazines.com

Years ago I used to subscribe to dozens of magazines. Everything from work magazines to entertainment and world news. Not only does it end up costing a lot, even if you do have time to read them all, they start to stack up and clutter the place. I truly would never make enough time to read them all and eventually canceled all but one subscription. However, there are times when I still wish I had a few around to peruse.

Enter MYgazines.com! This site is great and its free! All the major magazines out there; all available at your fingertips online. A unique page flipping system that looks like you are really turning the pages completes the experince and makes it a little more visceral. You drag your mouse from the bottom corner of each page, and as you do so, you can actually see the reverse side of the page appear as you would expect in the physical world. Of course you can just click "next page" as well, but where's the fun in that? Zoom in, place bookmarks, share stories with direct links to articles and even tagging.

The assortment of magazine choices seems very diverse; Time, Newsweek, PCworld, People, Spin, Home Cooking, Cosmo, etc...hell even Playboy is there (you can filter out adult content). This is a fantastic service. I'm not sure how they are able to operate this free, but for now, I'm not gonna look the gift horse in the mouth.

If that wasn't enough to hook you, you can also upload your own content. This service is a triumph. Have a comic book you've made on your own? Upload it. How about your school newspaper? Upload it for others to discover. Now that I think about it, I bet American servicemen overseas who miss there favorite periodicals would make good use of this site? And talk about a way to have a simple online portfolio of your artwork.

I hope you all check out MYgazines.com and discover it for yourself, it's definitely worth it.

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