Friday, July 25, 2008

McCain caught re-writing history. Obama single-handedly rebuilding world confidence in America.

Keith Olbermann and columnist & associate editor of the Washington Post, Eugene Robinson, address McCain's redefinition of The Surge in Iraq, the credit for its success and the time line of events and facts leading up to it.

Meanwhile, on his would tour, Obama gives a speech so powerful to crowd of 200,000 in Berlin (and the world), it's like he's channeling JFK. We have waited a long time to have an American leader who can instill confidence and display wisdom to the masses like Obama has proven he can. It's becoming obvious that the rest of the world knows who should be the next American if only we can educate the confused hold-outs of the American public still planning to vote for John McCain. The first video is some clips of the speech and discussion by Countdown'ers Keith Olbermann and Richard Wolffe. Following that are the videos of the complete speech.

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