Sunday, July 27, 2008

Evil Dead 4 in the works!

Sam Raimi, director of such classics as the Evil Dead trilogy and the not-so-classic Spiderman movies, spoke at a San Diego Comic-Con panel for his upcoming horror film Drag Me To Hell and revealed his intent to sit down with brother and co-writer Ivan Raimi as soon as next week to begin drafting a scricpt for Evil Dead 4. Bruce Campbell is not officially attached yet, but Raimi expressed his disire to bring Bruce back for the next installment...and if you have ever read Campbell's (kinda) auto-biography If Chin Could Kill - Confessions of a B Movie Actor, you'd know that he will likely join in the fun of a fourth installment.

Please check out the full article at Geeks of Doom.

Sam Raimi at San Diego Comic-Con 2008 - posted to Flickr by merhawk

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