Saturday, February 28, 2009

Humanity Is Coming For Your Planet

What a great idea for a thought proving movie.  Earth has been destroyed, the last survivors of humanity are searching for a new home (nod to BSG)...and they have found a new planet to inhabit.  Except the planet is already inhabited by a peaceful race of beings.  Now pack it full of breathtaking animated visual action and you have Battle For Terra.  You might have to watch this trailer twice!  Enjoy.

Friday, February 27, 2009

He CAN Do It - Eddie Murphy To Play Richard Pryor in Biopic.

Let's face it.  Other than his voice work in animated classics like Shrek and Mulan, Eddie Murphy hasn't made a quality film in the better part of 2 decades.  I cringe every time I see a preview for anything new he is in (Meet Dave anyone?).  But it only takes a few seconds to goggle some clips of Murphy's stand up to remind us that he was once a great comedian. Delerious and Raw are assuredly on most comedyphile's top ten list of greatest routines of all time.  He can be that great again if he wanted, but he has been rutted in the family-film genre too long for most to remember anything else.  All of that may be about to change.  Fox Searchlight has announced the bipic Richard Pryor: Is It Something I Said and Murphy is set to play Pryor.  If there is any doubt about Murphy's ability to fill the role, one need look no farther that Raw where he describes wanting to be Pryor from a very young age and does an entire bit as Pryor (see vid below).  This will be Eddie Murphy's time to shine.  Failure is not an option and likely, not even a possibility.  Enjoy.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lingering Impression - A Tale Of Personal Embarrassment

So last night my friend Scott and I stopped by a gas station in Tacoma that another friend of ours, Mike, works at. After picking up some things we said "later" and headed out. There had been a nice looking woman behind me in line, that was now at the counter as we were leaving. We exit the doors and Scott turns to me, "Dude, did you see the milf behind you?" Then after acknowledge I did, he adds, "She was totally checkin' you out."

"Rrrriiight...cause she just can't find all this, any where else," I answer gesturing to my appearance, which consisted of baggy sweatpants, unkempt hair, two days unshaven face and the shirt I had slept in. Not to mention the weight issue.

I had parked the car right in front of the station doors and as I climbed in, I glanced up...and sure enough, she was looking out at me. She even looked away and back again with a smile on her face. At this, I am momentarily stunned. To Scott I say, "You weren't kidding. She really is checking me out." Scott begins to elaborate about how he wasn't kidding as I start the car and begin to drive out of the lot.

"You should go back and talk to her" Quickly recoving from my amazement, "There is obvious something else at play here. She could not have been looking at me. There is no way..." We continue to joke back and forth a bit about it on the ride home, but the event is quickly forgotten.

Fast-forward to this morning. Mike arrives at the house to hang out, and as I'm helping him bring his PC in from his car he asks "Dude, were you blowin' ass by the register last night? Cause that chick in line behind you said she could barely stand there to pay. We were laughing about it..."

It was at that moment I remember the spicy teriyaki earlier that evening. I do seem to recall being a little...gassy.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Don't Divorce My Friends - Courage Campaign Video

I was perusing Felicia Day's blog and found this wonderful video that I just had to re-post. This is a very moving video to the music of Regina Spektor entitled Fidelity, that highlights the Courage Campaign's efforts to raise awareness of Ken Starr's recently filed legal brief seeking to invalidate same-sex marriages in California. Please give it a watch and if you feel moved to do so, visit the Courage Campaign website and sign their letter to the state supreme court before March 2nd, 2009. Enjoy.

"Fidelity": Don't Divorce... from Courage Campaign on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Credit Crisis Explained - a simple video

For all of you who feel like you have heard a lot of words thrown around describing entities within the credit crisis, but still don't feel like you fully grasp the process of how the banks and lenders and what they do...this video is for you. It's short. It's sweet. And most imporantly, it's very cool looking (read: entertaining). Enjoy.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Crazy is as Crazy Says

Today was the straw that broke the camels back. Today I heard Rush Limbaugh tell his audience Democrats "have reformatted the [economic recovery] bill -- they've made it a PDF file when they posted it. And, so, you can read every page, but you cannot keyword search it. It's not a text file as legislation normally is as posted on these public websites. They don't want anybody knowing what's in this."

Gods forbid that anyone actually read a bill cover to cover aside...apparently Rush is so ignorant, that he has never heard of "Ctrl-F" or even bothered to check out the tool bar for the option to search a PDF document for keywords.

Why do people still listen to this douchebag? Like others in his clique (Bill O'reilly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, etc...) I can't understand how they are allowed to remain on the air waves and why people still take what they say, at all seriously. These men and others like them prove to us, time and time again, that they are out of touch with reality, society and rational thought.

My biggest peeve about Rush and his buddies is the lack of respect for their own listeners/viewers. When you speak with the intention of informing people about any topic, you should be knowledgeable in that subject. If you ever make a mistake, you should apologize to anyone whose opinion or thought process you may have affected due to your error(s). But most of all, you should never make up facts, or deliver concocted information intentionally, as if it were fact. If you don't know not just make up false facts or conclusions in lieu of doing some research.

I watch a lot of Keith Olbermann and recently, Rachel Maddow. I get flak from a lot of my conservative and/or republican friends that he is just the Liberal equivalent of Rush and Bill-O. Here is why that is not a correct analogy; Keith Olbermann doesn't lie to his viewers.

Find me some clips or transcripts of Keith Olbermann lying or voicing an inaccuracy. Now IF you find some, separate all the ones where he didn't do one of the following: share in advance that he wasn't sure if he was right, acknowledged he was guessing/interpolating known facts or apologize afterward that he broadcast an error. I will be very, VERY surprised if you still have any clips left. If you do manage, somehow, to have found one of these rare clips...keep in mind that I can compile you a list of inaccuracies and lies from almost everyday or every broadcast, from fools like O'reilly and Rush.

So I am announcing my intention to do just that...compile, all that I can find, an archive of the blatant inaccuracies, lies, misleadings and down right horribly unethical statements these guys have broadcast to the masses. I'm not sure how I'm gonna do this, it will obviously be too big for this blog, but I'm gonna start with this one by good ol' Rush. Thanks for the laugh you pill popping fat ass. Enjoy.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

How To Add Your Own Custom Button To Firefox Toolbar

There are tutorials already out there for this, but it took me awhile to find them, so I thought that blogging about it couldn't hurt. Below is an example photo of what kind of custom buttons I am talking about. In my case I wanted a button for the couple of places I use the most (Facebook, Hulu, Gmail, Hotmail, etc...) without having to go all the way into my bookmarks.

First go to and click the big green button that says "Add to Firefox"

Next go here and click on the "Make a Bookmark Button". I don't think you need to register, but it's quick if it forces you to. The image below shows what you need to click on; should be smack dab in the middle of the page.

Next you will right click on an empty part of your toolbar bar and choose "customize". Scroll down and find the new button (called Make a Bookmark Button") like in the pic below. Click, hold and drag the icon to wherever you want it to be on your Firefox toolbar.

Now you can hover over your new icon and it will display how to use it: First right-click the icon and choose how you want any new buttons you make to react to your clicks (left-click, right-click, center-click, double-click). Now go to a page you want an icon button for, like Facebook, left-click the "Make a Bookmark Button" icon and it will create a button for Facebook directly next to it.

If you want to move around the order of the buttons after you have created a few, right click on the toolbar blank area again to bring up the "customize" option; now you can grab the buttons and move them around as you like. To delete a button you have created, hold down shift, then right-click the button you want to delete.

Blow is a video posted by the "Make a Bookmark Button" creator nicholasalipaz. You can follow it instead if you like (which is what I did), but there was a couple things I added above that weren't obvious to me and took awhile to figure out. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Keene Act & What It Means To You

BE Vigilant. DON'T Be a Vigilante.

Who watches the watchmen?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thundercats Movie Fan Trailer

Can you believe the quality of this?  For fun, try naming all the movies you see being used in this.  Enjoy.

Characters & Events Depicted In The Bible Are Fictitious...

"The characters and events depicted in the bible are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental."

I love Penn & Teller. Enjoy.

Penn & Teller: Bullshit - The Bible

And for is the starting link to their creationism episode.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Science flies you to the moon. Religion flies you into buildings.

Oh snap. I smell a potential t-shirt.

BTW: the author of this great slogan is Victor Stenger; physicist and author of several books on physics, quantum mechanics, cosmology, philosophy, religion, and pseudoscience. I am looking forward to reading his book God: The Failed Hypothesis. How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist You can also watch Dr. Stenger's presentation he gave in support of this book on YouTube (or rather you can listen to it, cause the camera work is daffy).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Will Farrell Movie Trailer - Land Of The Lost

Another pre-Superbowl trailer. Enjoy.


There are no words to explain how great this is...

Senator Kelly Warns Of Mutant Agenda

Soon all our secretarial, transcriptional and pianist jobs will be taken by mutants!  Support anti-mutant legislation.

Transformers 2 Superbowl Trailer

You will be seeing this later today during the game...but why wait? BTW, it's called Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen...yeah kind of a lame title. Enjoy.

**Frakin' studio are trying to ban these pre-superbowl trailers left and right. Drop me a message if they stop working and I will find a new one to post.**

UPDATE: Just for fun, added this bowl trailer for G.I.Joe: The Rise Of Cobra too.

Amazing Trailer for Batman Arkham Asylum!

Wow does this game look great! After years of failed after failed attempt to make a decent Batman video game...could they final have done it? Although Lego Batman was pretty fun. Enjoy