Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lingering Impression - A Tale Of Personal Embarrassment

So last night my friend Scott and I stopped by a gas station in Tacoma that another friend of ours, Mike, works at. After picking up some things we said "later" and headed out. There had been a nice looking woman behind me in line, that was now at the counter as we were leaving. We exit the doors and Scott turns to me, "Dude, did you see the milf behind you?" Then after acknowledge I did, he adds, "She was totally checkin' you out."

"Rrrriiight...cause she just can't find all this, any where else," I answer gesturing to my appearance, which consisted of baggy sweatpants, unkempt hair, two days unshaven face and the shirt I had slept in. Not to mention the weight issue.

I had parked the car right in front of the station doors and as I climbed in, I glanced up...and sure enough, she was looking out at me. She even looked away and back again with a smile on her face. At this, I am momentarily stunned. To Scott I say, "You weren't kidding. She really is checking me out." Scott begins to elaborate about how he wasn't kidding as I start the car and begin to drive out of the lot.

"You should go back and talk to her" Quickly recoving from my amazement, "There is obvious something else at play here. She could not have been looking at me. There is no way..." We continue to joke back and forth a bit about it on the ride home, but the event is quickly forgotten.

Fast-forward to this morning. Mike arrives at the house to hang out, and as I'm helping him bring his PC in from his car he asks "Dude, were you blowin' ass by the register last night? Cause that chick in line behind you said she could barely stand there to pay. We were laughing about it..."

It was at that moment I remember the spicy teriyaki earlier that evening. I do seem to recall being a little...gassy.


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