Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama's First Executive Orders!

President Obama has issued his first executive orders...forget taking steps forward, today our new leader took a couple of flying leaps down the path of righting the capsizing boat that is our country. Here is the low down:
  • He froze salaries on all senior staff.
  • He imposed tough lobbying restrictions. If you are part of the senior staff, no lobbying for 2 years. If you are a lobbyist, no working in departments you have lobbied for 2 years. If you are part of the current administration and leave, you cannot lobby the current administration as long as Obama is in office.
  • Re-stated that the current administration will be transparent and abide Freedom of Information Act requests. Request to withhold info will be subject to review by Justice Dept.
  • Most importantly the Former Presidents claim of executive privilege to withhold his records will be up for review too! (see my previous post for why).
Way to hit the ground running President O! Keep up the good work. You can read the orders in full at the White House website.

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