Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pale-in Comparison

Just had to throw up these three clips regarding Sarah "Oh-My-God-What-If-McCain-Dies" Palin. The first is Jon Stewart's commentary on the ridiculous answers Palin gave in an interview with ABC's Charles Gibson & her lack of knowledge of what the Bush Doctrine is. The second video is also some Daily Show commentary on the joke that Fox is calling an "interview", when Palin sat down to chat with Sean Hannity. The third is Tina Fey's Oscar worthy portrayal of Palin in a recent Saturday Night Live sketch. All are excellent and hilarious, but the SNL sketch is truly priceless. Enjoy!

Update: Just had to add this little snippet from the Katie Couric/Palin interview, where Palin is asked to cite some examples of McCain being a "reformer". Her answer is ridiculous.

Update 2: Added trailer for Head Of Skate. An Alaskan hockey mom becomes Vice President in the wackiest family comedy of the year! Sound familiar?

Update 3: Added CNN's Jack Cafferty commenting on another part of the Couric/Palin interview where she spouts out random talking points that have nothing to do with the question asked. His final comment after the clip pretty much sums up Palin in a nutshell. Below that is SNL mocking the first clip with Tina Fey reprising her roll as Palin. The sad part is what makes this skit so funny is the parts where she repeats Palin's words almost verbatim. In other words: you just can't make this stuff up people!

Update 4: Added another funny video of Palin rambling about energy. There is a bit of Billy Madison at the end to give it that extra punch.

Update 5: Added a whole new post since this one was getting too big and out of date.

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Jessep said...

Damn T, that's awesome... ;) I had seen everything but the "Head of skate" clip and damn that's scary!