Thursday, September 11, 2008


I recently watched both the DNC and the RNC events. Now I'm never a fan of the Republican party, but this years' RNC was particularly despicable. I was going to write about it at length, but our good friend Mr Olbermann summarized the worst of it pretty well:

I didn't want to put this photo in a whole new post of it's own, so I thought I'd just add it to this one, with some personal thoughts.

This day is about remembering. For many that's remembering the people lost on that fateful day 7 years ago. I may silently commemorate those who perished, but I always find my thoughts settling on what else we have lost since; the rights, the liberties, the freedoms. The human inferno that is the so called War on Terror, was ignited by greed, with flames fed by fear. They tell us Islamo-fascists attack us out of despite for our freedoms. Then they take away our freedoms, all in the name of a false sense security; helping to fight the "bad guys" and root out evil. If this were actually a war on terrorism, the terrorists have already won. The real fear-mongers are the ones who own and run this country. So today remember those who have fallen, but don't forget what we've all lost.

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Hey Trav - who knew you had a blag. You're on my Rss now. I like it.