Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Greatest Voice The World Ever Heard - R.I.P.

Don LaFontaine's voice is recognizable the world over. Famous for recording over 5,000 movie trailers and over 350,000 television commercials, network promotions, and video game trailers. He became identified with the phrase "In a world...", which has been used in movie trailers so frequently that it has become a cliché. He also parodied this cliché several times, most recently in a commercial for GEICO insurance. LaFontaine was admitted to a hospital with a blood clot in his lungs on August 22, 2008, and was reported as being in critical condition the following Tuesday. LaFontaine died September 1, 2008 following complications from Pneumothorax (a.k.a colapsed lung). LaFontaine is survived by his wife, the singer and actress Nita Whitaker, and three daughters.

On a personal note; I have have idolized this man for many years. His voice is one of the reasons I began looking for ways to make money with my own. His expertise and talent will be a severe loss to the entertainment industry and all his fans.

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