Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Politics Of Hate - McCainninites & Palintologists

So if you are planning to vote for the Republican ticket next month here are a couple of very scary videos of your fellow McCaininites & Palintologists lining up for their respective rally's recently. The things that come out of these peoples mouths are just astounding. Is it so hard to educate oneself? So difficult to seek truth? So challenging to challenge rhetoric? I am constantly amazed that people still come up with ways to justify voting for McCain and Palin, regardless of the tremendous and ever-growing mountain of reasons and information of why doing so would be a bad idea. But after watching these videos, I think I have some new insight into why Republican voters are so unlikely to change their thinking and opinions and turn toward the light of rational thought. Sigh...enjoy?

UPDATE 1: The first video is from Ohio, the second from PA.

UPDATE 2: Added video of McCain being booed at his own rally for assuring attendees that Obama is not a terrorist or an Arab or not to be trusted.

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