Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Getting To Know Candidate McCain

The one thing the Republican party is very good at (and how it has one elections) is smear tactics and attack politics. The assumption being that if they can make the opposing candidate look equally as bad as theirs, then the decision between the two will be a "wash" and voters will be more likely to side with the one who appears "just like us"...a main street, Joe six-pack, that we all can identify with. The problem with this is two fold, especially in the current Presidential race. One, the Obama/Biden ticket is trying to take the high ground, steering away from and sometimes out-right refusing to participate in, mud-slinging and personal attacks. While this is a positive step forward, it leaves the Republican party with the ability to fill the vacuum with more anti-Obama rhetoric. I have personally seen this in action with long time Republican friends who are now fed-up with thier party's ways and would like to see change, but have been slowly moved back toward voting for McCain because of misinformation. Two, since the Obama ticket is focusing mostly on voting record and decision making and trying to stick to the important issues, many voters are not getting the full picture of just how bad of a decision voting McCain Palin might be. So I have decided to post some video and news articles from reputable sources, to give voters a clearer picture of MCCain and Palin. Check back on this one as I will continue to update it as I find more time. Enjoy!

Five myths about John McCain - Short video from Rolling Stone contributing editor Tim Dickenson that accompanies his latest RS cover story "Make Believe Maverick".

Why McCains Time With Council Of World Freedom, Matters - HuffingtonPost article by Sam Stein regarding McCain's time on the board of an organization that supplied arms and funds to paramilitary organizations in Latin America.

Below is the 13 minute documentary on McCain's involvement in the "Keating Five" Savings and Loan scandal, which CNN's fact checker's went over with a fine tooth comb and found to all be TRUE with no partisan bias.

McCain's anti-Asian sentiment has been documented by several media outlets, including the San Francisco Chronicle and the New York Times.

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