Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dead Space Animated Comic Videos - MUST SEE!

The producers of the upcoming (October 24th) Dead Space survival horror video game have also released a series of six graphic novels that act as a prologue to the games' story. However, in an effort to use every type of media available, they have also released an animated version of the comic. To clarify, its the actual stills from the comics, with a bit of camera panning, some lighting effects, really excellent voice acting and music to bring the comic to life in motion video. I have never seen anything like it with this high level of production value. Below are all the videos in order, each is about 5 minutes in length. Chapters 2-5 are available in HD, couldn't find the first one in high definition for some reason. I for one, would love to see other comics given this treatment; you just have to see it to understand. Enjoy!

UPDATE: There is also a fully animated Dead Space movie called Dead Space: Downfall coming straight to DVD this month, added the preview below. The movie tells the story of the ship above the planet (where the game takes place) call the Ishimura the comics tell the planet-side story.

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