Thursday, April 29, 2010

"Autobots! Transform and Hover Out!"

If you haven't seen the eye-candy and geek-gasm that is the upcoming video game Tranformers:War For Cybertron, you are missing out. The story is actually a prequel to anything you have seen in the Transformers universe before (with the exception of the comics). It takes places on the Transformers home world of Cybertron and tells the story of the civil war that brought about the Autobots exodus to earth. Apparently it also follows Optimus on his path to becoming a Prime. It seems a lot of creative liberty was given to the developers and they were able to expand on the idea that the Transformers don't really appear as Earth-like vehicles yet, because they haven't been there. For example Optimus is a large hover-vehicle instead of a truck, thus my title for this post. Anyway the short video below explains much better than I and it exhibits a battle scene with Omega Supreme! So sit back and prepare to wipe away drool! Release day is June 22nd. Enjoy.

Below are some special pre-order exclusive character videos. Pay special attention to Jazz's legs when he transforms...Awesome!



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