Sunday, December 7, 2008

What's Bush Done To You Lately

The Huffington Post has an article outlining the final evils that "still president" Bush has pushed through in the eleventh hour of his dictatorship...err presidency. After the jump is more info behind what has happened and what hopefully can be done to rectify it, but here is a list of some of the atrocities:
• EPA would not regulate a contaminant in drinking water
• Mining permits near Grand Canyon and other national parks
• Gut the Endangered Species Act
• Power plants could be exempted from installing pollution controls, allowing an added 70 million tons to be released into our air
• EPA narrows the definition of solid waste
• Less reporting on animal pollution proposed
• Rules for dumping mine debris erased
• EPA lowers air quality standards for lead
• Fisheries rule calls for less public input
• Loaded guns possible in National Parks
• Public lands may be leased for the development of oil shale (public, not to be confused with proprietary)
• Interior Department rules could limit public environmental comments
• EPA lets factory farms decide if they need a permit to discharge animal waste into waterways

UPDATE: Here is an even more in depth and specific article about the Bush "midnight regulations".

Happy Holidays from Mr. Bush!

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