Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Police State

This started as a follow-up to my previous post regarding the NYPD, but I decided to throw in some new border crossing rule changes for good measure. "Making the NYPD Accountable" is a 12 minute documentary about the NYPD's abuse of powers and people rights the Critical Mass event last month. The poster uses video from several different onlookers to help prove that in just a few short minutes the police were able to make several false arrests. The would have got away with it too, had not so many people been recording the officers misdeeds.

posted to blip.tv by glassbeadcollective.

Next up: Did you know that upon returning from abroad, any US citizen's laptop may be confiscated and detained indefinitely without any prior suspicion? That and more disturbing revelations from a Washington Post article on new DHS policies.

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